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At the time of our meeting she lived in Acre, were she worked as a waitress.

As before, all of our rewards are digital and what physical items we do have are very limited so we aren’t spending funds on shipping or production.

GX Australia is the country’s most inclusive convention for video gamers, board gamers, tabletop and card gamers, cosplayers, comic book nerds, sci-fi film buffs — everything geeky and nerdy!

It’s a weekend long celebration of what brings us all together in the first place.

Want to spend an incredible weekend hanging out with the friendliest bunch of geeks you’ll ever meet? Well listen up, because we’ve got some great news for you!

Are you passionate about video games, or dreamed of making one yourself? After our first hugely successful event in February, 2016, we’re super excited to be able to bring the convention to Sydney again for a second year.

k will allow us to handle the costs involved in hosting the event, hiring furniture, and some other minor costs. We can’t do the convention without you, so please spread this campaign far and wide; if you came to the first one, we hope to see you next year.

If we surpass that, we’ll be able to extend the convention even further. If you didn’t make it before, we hope to meet you as a brand new friend!We’d like to make a special shoutout to Marcomatic, the creator of our fantastic logo and animated spiel, to Jack Huddo Photography for the brilliant photography from last year, and to Steph Westwood, who donated her time to create our amazing Kickstarter video!Additionally, we’d like to thank ALL OF YOU for helping us make GX Australia 2016 happen last year.We’re confident that we won’t have unexpected bills sending us scrambling for cash, and our costs for running the convention have come down a lot from the final amount we had to spend just to book the ATP.Contracts have been signed and the date is locked down.Our biggest was unexpected expenses and bills with regards to hiring the ATP that hadn’t been communicated to us early on.