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It's integrity like that that lands you a spot representing the US of A. Sure, not necessarily a sitcom character, but he/she needs to be mentioned.

Most of the Dream Teams included a token newbie (Christian Laettner being the prime example of this and also why lanky white guys from Duke should never represent our nation), and nobody was more qualified than Smith.Thankfully the writers of the show resisted the temptation to make her character a ditz just because of her cheerleader status. It was different than the rest, the characters, the plots, everything.In fact, Miss Baretto (along with Megan Parlen) would make good candidates for a spin-off since they usually get the goofy subplots. And Daniella Deutscher (that's a hard name to spell) as Julie, the lone girl on the basketball team, is a nordic beauty who practically puts Natasha Hendstridge to shame with her lovely eyes. But then they had to change it around so much and it's not as good.(In retrospect, this show was clearly an Influence on East Bound and Down.100% same show.) Bottom line: he'd make a great coach and an excellent addition to the current squad's staff.If you watch the highlights of his games at Bel-Air Academy, Smith routinely drained threes from half-court.

There is also no known footage of him actually missing a shot; the only time a basket was missed during one of his games was when his jealous cousin Carlton wrestled the ball from his grip and hoisted an air ball as time expired.Anyway, he was well on his way to take part in the Barcelona games of 1992.Again, we've got a girl playing in the boys league.Even stranger: Whether Julie was a freshman or sophomre when the show began doesn't matter, either way, she ended up playing at the varsity level all through high school.New players (new cast members) go from JV to varsity, yet Julie never played at the JV level.I still watch it though, mainly because Danielle Deutscher and Megan Parlen are so darn pretty :)BK I didn't lose an episode of this show. I wasn't THAT funny or interesting but I don't know, it had something really special about it.

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    So I have no idea what I'm doing, basically."The country crooner and former winner says she doesn't want her wedding to be too over-the-top .

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