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Of all the great Patriarchs of the Old Testament, David is among the greatest.Warrior and King, composer and conqueror, unifier and organizer, a man after God’s own heart.

I am not sure what is up with that especially since we had only been communicating for less than 2 days.

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Messages are forwarded through our system anonymously, at no charge. Then, I find out that the company is a scam artist, connected to, another super scam company with scammers in Nigeria. They arranged other information so I could not change it.He united not only the 12, often fractured Tribes of Israel, but, as a kind if priest-king, stitched together the religious faith of Israel with its governance.King among them, he also collected and disseminated the great prayer-book of Israel, the Book of Psalms, composing many of them himself.When I signed up, I was getting posts from all types of women, some attractive and some not.