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and one of the largest network-owned station groups in the country.

You’ll receive a daily email containing links to the stories we have selected.If you have any questions, please contact us at: [email protected] or 503-378-8800 -Jerry Curry OSL e Clips Lead Editor [email protected] 503-378-5008 State Library e Clips * Embattled Oregon fish and wildlife commissioners will face public at sportsmen’s show * On eve of possible repeal, the good, bad and ugly of Obamacare * Portland’s Tina Kotek explains her rent control plans – and landlord pains * Loretta Smith forced staffer to work on her campaign, mistreated employees, email alleges * Gender, racial inequities need first attentions by Oregon leaders — Guest Opinion * African-American employee refuses to play ‘hangman’ at work, is fired, lawsuit claims * 2017 session: a chance to stand up for Oregon values — Guest Opinion * Rat infestation shuts Beaverton Bakery * Fatal auto crashes in Oregon on the rise again * To save public lands, liberal hikers and conservative hunters unite * Animal Abuse in Oregon * Students shortchanged when voter mandates aren’t funded properly — Opinion * What’s next in the Elliott State Forest rigmarole?— Guest Opinion * Oregon Promise aid for community college students going heavily to higher-income families, review finds * Lane County employee accuses deputy of racial profiling during traffic stop * Oregon AG wrong in opposing Trump’s executive order — Guest Opinion * Forestry analysis must include all the facts — Guest Opinion * Our Opinion: Racial disparities will continue without better information — Opinion * State budget-writers bring road show to PCC * Reduced speed limits in Central Oregon remain in flux * Self-serve gas could expand to 24-hours in rural Oregon * Deschutes County sees spike in concealed handgun licenses * Public lands sale bill sparks criticism in Oregon * Editorial: Raise the minimum legal age for tobacco to 21 — Opinion * Erik Lukens column: Will Kate Brown fight for rural jobs?It’s Light on Democrats, Women and Minorities * The U. Is Running Out of Nurses * The Healthy-Lifestyle Curriculum * The Myth of Working Your Way Through College * Legislators Work to Fill Gaps in State Assistance for Homeless, Mentally Ill * Dembrow Is Hopeful Single Payer Option Can Move Forward * Demand For Popular Short-Term Insurance Plans Could Surge If Health Law Is Relaxed * Q Corp Compares Cost of Care at the Local, National Level * Raising Oregon Smoking Age to 21 Has Bipartisan Support * North campus historic buildings will come down ____________________ EMBATTLED OREGON FISH AND WILDLIFE COMMISSIONERS WILL FACE PUBLIC AT SPORTSMEN’S SHOW (Portland Oregonian) Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commissioners under fire from sport anglers will help host a reception Thursday at the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show.The reception comes on the heels this past week of a sharply worded demand by a legislator for the resignation of all four commission members who defied a plan to remove gill-nets from the lower Columbia River.Thank you for your interest in the Oregon State Library’s e Clips product.

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Many restaurants in the South Florida area have begun to cater to their clientele's wishes by offering low salt, low-carb, and low-calorie menu choices.

As people become more health conscious about what they eat, restaurants are scurrying to adapt their menus to suit the request from customers who want healthier food options.

For breaking news and everything that affects the Cleveland sports scene trust Sports Radio 92.3 [...]Jamal Murray scored 36 points and Buddy Hield, a New Orleans Pelicans rookie, added 28 to the delight of the locals as the World squad beat the U. 150-141 on Friday night in the Rising Stars Challenge.

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