Sims 3 dating multiple sims

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Sims 3 dating multiple sims - who is dating ed westwick

If you decide to commit to another character in game then you’re committing for life.

Sexual fluidity seems to be much more commonplace, in that people who may generally identify as heterosexual or homosexual can accept that there may be a point where they fall for someone of a gender that they may not necessarily have expected. Whilst many people have been, and are, open to dating several people at once, usually this kind of behaviour is stereotypically limited to young blokes who shag around.

This made the game a much more authentic experience in terms of a sim’s autonomous personality, and made it almost as much of a trait as the personalities you could assign.

While all the non-playable sims present as heterosexual (in that they aren’t in pre-programmed homosexual relationships), this showed that the player then would be in contact with a non-heterosexual sim without knowing it (much like in life).

Out of all of the games, The Sims 2 probably furthered this idea that in-game homosexuality is not an issue most by allowing both heterosexual and homosexual couples to marry or enter into joined unions.

In addition to this, in The Sims 2 package files, which were accessible via a cheat, you could see whether each individual sim had a preference for men, women, or no real preference at all.

Like its predecessors, The Sims 4 has pushed forward to reflect what are usually brushed off as “alternative relationships”.

A little look at The Sims’ history definitely demonstrates that this isn’t particularly new for the series.

Bizarrely there still seems to be some residual belief that only white heterosexual boys play video games, despite consistent and vehement opposition to this assumption, and so for some LGBTQ gamers it has felt like an uphill struggle.

In recent years though, increasing numbers of games – both RPG and life simulation – that have started to include same-sex relationships.

However, this latest game does now have a mod that allows same-sex couples to biologically reproduce, when they were only able to adopt previously.

While there still seems to be a fair amount of ground to be covered when it comes to homosexual relationships being part of the “norm”, as well as how The Sims games represent non-cisgendered people, this is definitely a good platform to start with.

That being said, if you wanted a sim to sleep with – sorry, “woohoo” with – anyone of any gender, you still could enforce it with a few jokes and flirts, regardless of built-in sexual preference.