Skydiving speed dating

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It’s safe to say that the delicate dance of attraction is very much intact.But the strategies and means to get there are far more expansive.

Right; a romantic 79-year-old discards his portable oxygen for a sunset tango on the beach; a 1940s movie fanatic who escaped an abusive marriage still seeks her ‘Fred and Ginger’ romance.

Faced with feelings “even our own kids never ask about,” each dater’s intimate confessions blend with revealing vérité to shed light on the intense and complex feelings that still lurk behind wrinkled skin and thinning hair.

Playful and revealing, wise and inspiring, our senior daters entertain and enlighten with a candor that puts media stereotypes to shame.

By week two every guy said to be in my wheelhouse sounded exactly the same.

I thought I’d lose it if I had to read another profile about a thrill-seeker who had traveled to 30 countries and could make me roll over in laughter (often despite the fact that his 20 profile pictures showed the type of intensity reserved for axe murderers).

The best example of this is the daily matches, where I could say “yes” or “no” to a lineup of pre-selected men.

Those that got the nod received a notification that I was thinking about them, and we could move on to something more natural like winking.

Perhaps the biggest challenge associated with online dating, though, was moving the process along.

One of the main differences between e Harmony and Match is that e Harmony prevents singles from meeting too soon with rules on how many online interactions have to occur first.

First, though, I had to confront my bias against online dating.

Even though my friends insist it’s gone mainstream with decidedly “unpathetic” devotees, the voice in my head said otherwise.

The feeling created was that someone was on my side, rooting for my success, filtering through the thousands of options and picking the best based on my personal needs.