Spain dating etiquette

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Spain dating etiquette - is cody linely dating

You should guard against any kind of sarcasm that might offend your Spanish counterparts or undermine their respect and trust; although, it is difficult to cause real offence without being directly insulting.You should avoid making disrespectful remarks about Spanish traditions or practices and, under no circumstances, should you comment on national or regional stereotypes that Spaniards may find insulting.

You can expect your Spanish counterpart to be curious about the products or services you offer and ask additional questions.

Generally, all members of the younger generation speak at least some English.

This is in sharp contrast to the older generation, where the chances of encountering someone with a decent level of English are negligible.

It is essential to be patient, to listen and pay attention and certainly to display some personal pride and honour, in order to prove yourself and gain the respect of your associates.

Another valued characteristic is the ability to be amusing and entertaining, as humour plays an important role, even in business encounters.

and personal relationships are the keys to the success of doing business in Spain.

Spanish people rarely conduct business with someone they feel that they cannot trust or someone with whom they do not have any personal relationship.

They are very much concerned about how they are perceived by others and try to avoid looking foolish, at all times.

Similarly it is advisable to stay modest when describing your achievements and accomplishments.

Particularly in the initial phase of a business relationship, it is advisable to focus on strengthening personal bonds.

It is only when these have been successfully established that you should proceed to discuss business matters and close deals.

You can expect your Spanish business associate to be keen on setting up a meeting with you.