Stamps com tracking not updating

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They said that since the account was valid the $15.99 was legit, but they cancel the account with no further charges.

You can even print postage right on envelopes – including the address – all in one step. I made an account with them but called the same day to cancel it because clearly I realized I don't need this and these charges. So, when I closed my account, they refunded me . Overall, please do not try them if you are not sure that you need to spend at 0 in USPS postage per month. NOWHERE, nowhere, nowhere in the "enrollment" process is it made clear to unsuspecting customers that this MONTHLY SERVICE FEE even exists. that is to say, "ate" the .99 and canceled immediately.I feel like an idiot for being caught out by this scam. I have now gone through the fine print and realised how stupid and naive I was to get caught out by their terms and conditions in this way. most cases you have to go to the post office anyway. When you question these people they lock you out and attempt fraud on charging your card. Company refused to issue a refund on a fraudulent charge. A third-party gained access to my account and made a 0.00 purchase.locked my account and instructed me by e-mail to contact them. I tried for one month and then called and cancelled.I promptly sent them and stated that I been "hacked." Oh no, they claimed everything was legit and that my account was completely valid.I vaguely recalled that I may have glossed over one of their email "offers," and went unknowingly too far.This has been going on for months, with no help from customer service, only a you should've known better.

When you don't know that you are being charged for a service you didn't want, and you never used the said service, what is the money going to?!?

Overall, this is a company seriously committed to fraud, and completely ignorant of the most basic principles of customer service. I don't remember consenting to getting a premium account and agreeing to pay /month in addition to postage. I went to the computer, started to fill out the form with the "promo code" provided then got to the part where they wanted my name and credit card info.

Read carefully about the recurring charge so I put the "application" on hold for a second and found this site with all of you!

Online signup form has since been closed and removed, stamps and information mailed to me now in the shredder and long gone. As all prior reviewers have said, you don't realize you're signing up for an on-going service. have been charge my business for more than a year without sending a single email about a monthly fee.

They hide in small print that there is a recurring charge. The initial "welcome" does not contain any monthly rate.

However, I just don't believe I entered a credit card number, etc. (I suspect they have some devious way of trapping you once you begin perusing their page).

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