The dating game icp lyrics

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The dating game icp lyrics

No, I didn't go to jail, and no, I didn't kill someone, but the feeling of "I helped you and you betrayed me" is a feeling I know most of us have felt at some point in our lives.

But since I *think* this song was not meant to be taken seriously, I gave it some slack.

However, the reply value is moderately high, so it won't be exhausted very quickly.

Track 11: Boogie Woogie Woo (2.2/5) This is basically the House of Horrors to Piggy Pie. Track 12: The Neden Game (1/5) This tends to be the song everyone finds funny.

This being said, this album was the first I ever listened to, because I decided I need a basis of their music before I can judge the band itself (not that it would ever change my view of their "army").

Sadly, I ended up hooked on the album, because, regardless of what people say about their music, The Great Milenko was a genuinely tolerable, dare I say GOOD, album. But what surprised me was Alice Cooper's part in it; although it was a creepy-esque narrative and nothing more, it was a nice surprise.

What separates this from Halls of Illusions, however, is the focus on the problem and not the "solution" (being murder).

Track 14: Down with the Clown (2/5) This is What is a Juggalo? Same boring beat, same dry humor, same mediocre flow.

I always thought it sounded flat, but that's just me.

The song is about trying to get money to have sex with a prostitute/slut.

About the Dark Carnival, mainly, and briefly mentioning Milenko. (2.5/5) Eh, an improvement from Piggy Pie, but definitely not what any rap aficionado, or anyone who has ever listened to rap, would want to listen to.

Track 4: Piggy Pie (2/5) This tends to be a "cult classic" among Juggalos, and is one of the main reasons I dislike the group. What saves the song from poor rhymes, a boring story (hell, if you want a song they do WELL about nothing but murder, Imma Kill U and Murder Go Round are decent), and a lackluster beat is Sex Pistol's guitarist Steve Jones. Mediocre lyrics, but what I believe was done intentionally, so that people can relate the song to their own daily lives.

I feel that the two of them probably have felt this pain strongly enough to write the song, as I feel as if they actually use *gasp* EMOTION in their words; in fact, I'd say it almost rivals "Daddy" by Korn in terms of true feelings. And yes, I give this song quite a lot of credit, and I have exaggerated the major points of the song, but truthfully, I love this song. After that, the song goes downhill, as the attempt at humor is dry and unwitty, the beat mediocre and boring.

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