Traditional chinese dating customs

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Traditional chinese dating customs - russia dating love friends

It's hard to miss the good fortune or happiness messages hung in red from every doorway and the smell of feasts being cooked as families gather at this time.As a legend goes, a monster, named Xi, always finds food in villages for its lack of food in winter.

Friends and relatives will gossip and this bring great tremendous embarrasment as actions of any family member reflect back on the family as a whole.Chinese dating customs are traditional and forbid sex outside of marriage.Chinese believe that marriage is sacred and if a couple truly loves each other they should go through a proper wedding process.Chinese people believe that by talking about sex is unrefined, impolite and vulgar.In fact, sex education is non existent in Chinese culture.With such a large area, customs are always different in different parts.

In addition, due to the fact that this country is one of the existing oldest cultures, traditions have grown over centuries with unique festivals, customs, arts and cuisines.The age-old Chinese culture, permeating the heart and soul of every Chinese person, is hugely different from western culture.Traditions such as greeting friends with “Have you eaten?The food is one of the traditional cultures in China which is famous around the world.From Roast Duck and Noodles with Bean Paste in Beijing to dim sum in Hong Kong, no one would deny that the kinds of Chinese cuisines are various.Findings show that the earliest characters are the Oracles which were engraved on animals’ bones or tortoises’ shells. D.) was an outstanding representative of Chinese calligraphy.