Updating data with linq

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Updating data with linq - Live free uk sex chat

LINQ simplifies the interaction between object-oriented programming and relational data by applying the principles of object-oriented programming to relational data.

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First, lets […] " class="ir icon-in" The previous post about Linq to XML introduced how to query XML data using LINQ.Note that the query involves an anonymous type that contains fields such as ID, First, Last and Score Total.The query returns implicit type var and it uses Iterators to return the elements in the collection. She also shows how to group and join LINQ queries with lambda expressions, and use LINQ to query SQL databases and XML documents. She covers standard queriessuch as finding overlaps in two datasets and creating hierarchiesas well as complex chained queries.User will supply data to the parameter student ID during runtime.

Now you have just added a public property that returns a query result as collection of Student’s marks data.This article comprises of two parts; Part 1 deals with the introduction to LINQ and Linq Data Source control in ASP.NET and describes how to define and retrieve an in-memory data collection and display data in a web page.The Part-I of this article has demonstrated how to define and connect to in-memory data sources and explained various ways of defining and executing queries on that data collection.You are now invited to walk-through the Part-II of this article that defines entity classes to database objects and write and execute Linq queries on database table objects.Part 2 explains how to create entity classes to represent SQL Server database and tables using Object Relational Designer and display data in a web page using Linq Data Source control.

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