Updating ffdshow

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It enables the use of equalizer to enhance the sound, it also has reverb feature, plugins of Winamp DSP, Dolby decoder and more.

Ffdshow is primarily utilized for quick and high quality video decoding in MPEG-4 ASP.

FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder earns its high ranks by the simple fact of its presence in most of the top-featured codec packs available on the market.

Its supplied capabilities are among the best when it comes to decompressing and post processing video streams.

The most common video formats decoded by ffdshow are Flash Video, H.263, VP6, MPEG Part-2, AVC(H.264), WMV and Theora.

When it comes to audio, ffdshow supports AAC, Dolby AC3, MP3, FLAC, WMA, Vorbis and others.

Users may configure ffdshow to capture screenshots, allows keyboard control, enable and disable different codecs that are already built-in, enable the show of subtitles, increase the resolution and sharpness to enhance movies, and more filters used for post-processing.

As mentioned earlier, ffdshow is not just for video manipulation but as well as audio manipulation.

Its installation takes a few clicks and a few more split-seconds to complete.

First, you are able to choose from its main components – DXVA video decoder, VFW interface, Avi Synth scripts serving and two application plugins for Avi Synth and Virtual Dub.

The good thing about ffdshow is that it was licensed under GPL.

This means that it is a free software and it is capable of running on Windows.

Div X3.11 and Div X 5.02 are the decoders at that time.