Who is bow wow dating in 2016

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Who is bow wow dating in 2016 - Chatroulette bulgaria

Many speculated that it was singer Keyshia Cole, and it has been said that Keyshia is actually the woman in the photo and in Bow Wow’s life.Apparently the two have known each other for a very long time, and they allegedly connected on a different level when they crossed paths at a club recently.

When he appeared in Bow Wow in the Breakfast Club this morning in a show called “Hoe Hall of Fame”.

Catching wind of the rumors, Bow Wow denied the claims on Twitter. & TSR STAFF: @kyle.anfernee Okay so are y’all ready for this one?

Advising his face not to “believe everything they read,” he dismisses inquiries about Cole’s social media accounts, which were deleted since talks of their alleged courtship began. We’re coming from left field with it so be prepared.

For the most part, Cole has been quiet about all the relationship talk, but something apparently made her address it.

It could have been the fact that people were starting to question if she was pregnant with Bow's baby, which she outright denied. Between Bow Wow shooting down the rumor and now Keyshia, this whole dating thing can now be put to bed once and for all.

His parents, Alfonso Preston Moss and Teresa Rena Caldwell, are both African-American.

Though he is currently under contract with Bad Boy Records, he used to be under contract with the likes of Cash Money, Columbia, Republic and So So Def.

This award-winning rap star has a child with an unidentified woman and he has once dated model and TV personality Erica Mena.

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the almighty Internet, you know that it is filled with part-time private investigators.

Bow Wow and reality TV star Erica Mena just recently called off their plans to walk down the aisle together.

The Keyshia Cole pregnancy rumor was started by Media Take Out, who writes of the pending baby news: “According to one of Keyshia’s homies, Keyshia and Bow have been seeing each other now for a couple of months – but it’s gotten serious. Well we’re told that Keyshia is already TWO MONTHS PREGNANT – and she’s definitely KEEPING THE BABY.

Allegedly Bow Wow is sprung over Keyshia, but Keyshia wants to take things slow since she’s still legally married.

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