Who is ruby gettinger dating

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During her first Oprah Show appearance, Ruby says she never weighed less than 350 pounds as an adult.

"I still have diabetes, but it's under control.If you watch the episode titled "That Wrestling Show" you clearly see Matt and Jeff wrestling each other in a match that the gang is watching.Week after week, America is rooting for reality star Ruby Gettinger.At her heaviest, this Savannah, Georgia, native weighed 716 pounds.After dropping almost 230 pounds, she landed her own show and set out to lose 300 more.He is friends to Georgia( who is also Rubys best friend and on that show) who he dated as teenager.

After they split he wanted to go back together with Georgia but she found out then that she was pregnant by somebody else and married the other guy.At the end of the show, I was starving myself to reach that number. I was so unhealthy.”Gettinger said she meets with Shazi twice a week but does most of her workouts at home.“I’ve become crazy about working out.” She said with a laugh.“You know how you are in a dark room and you reach for the switch and the light comes on? “I didn’t have any money, so I went to my trainers Shazi and Drew. I told Shazi, ‘I have no money and I’m just going to ask if you can train me for two days a week and weigh me.’ “She cried and said she had been waiting for me to come to her.”Shazi and Drew Edmonds are husband and wife trainers who own Train Me 24/7 in Savannah.The duo was featured on “Ruby” and helped Gettinger with her 400-pound weight loss during the show’s four-season run.“I weighed 398. Even though I knew I gained some weight, I didn’t know it was that much.“Thank God it wasn’t 400.…She’s lost more than 450 pounds but said she isn’t finished.“Even though I love that old Ruby I used to be and I loved myself, I don’t ever want to go back to that person.”Gettinger wants to offer advice to other young women struggling with their body image? Don’t do it tomorrow.”Aside from working out, Gettinger said she has starting cooking for herself, too.