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Was that something you took into consideration when making the decision? All the characters were assessed on equal footing, so there wasn’t any kind of, “Let’s not do this for this reason, not do that for that reason.” As storytellers, you have to be unsentimental sometimes.

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The book assumes that you have some experience with Arduino and micro-controllers (i.e., do you know what a breadboard, jumper wires, and circuits are? We start with a very brief introduction to RFID, follow up with two introductory technical tutorials on Arduino, and end with a fairly simple home automation project: Between my officemate and me, we have dozens of devices drawing power in our office: two laptops, two monitors, four or five lamps, a few hard drives, a soldering iron, Ethernet hubs, speakers, and so forth.Others we debated, but we gave everybody a day in court.We came back to Shay because it affected the most people.This project is a system to reduce our power consumption, particularly when we’re not there.When either of us comes into the room, all we have to do is tap our key fobs on a reader mounted by the door, and the room turns on or off what we normally use. The reader by the door reads the presence or absence of the tags.They were as cognizant as I was coming in as the showrunner that we didn’t want to draw too many comparisons to that show.

One of the hallmarks of that show was the flashbacks and talking to ghosts and people who died before. At the end of the episode, Severide has a DVD of some of their memories, and for our purposes, there’s plenty of DVDs they recorded [of] their friendship and their life as roommates.Here are some of the notes I took while reading the book: When you run an Xcode project from a standard (i.e., non-admin) user, you might be asked to enter credentials of a user in the “Developer Tools group.” You can fix this by adding the (current) user to the group: When you purchase something from the Mac App Store, you’ll see a little icon in your dock, but that doesn’t show you the percentage of progress.The icon is small, and the progress bar seems to remain blank for a long time for bigger downloads. If you never did malware analysis before, the material presented can be overwhelming.It’s not easy to immediately put what you learned into action (you might understand a subject theoretically but might not be comfortable enough with the subject to put it into practice).TVLINE | Not to put a target on anybody else’s back, but you have a very big cast.