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She met with younger coaches, but it felt like telling her kids about her love life. Lisa started researching and figured out the tools that worked.She was having a blast dating really great men, her calendar was full of dates, and friends began asking for tips.

[email protected] is about educating, empowering and inspiring women 40 plus, and are available to you for a FREE 30 minute session. One of these sessions is worth the membership cost alone, sign up today. Whether it is personal or professional concerns, having a coach has helped me move further and faster than I ever imagined.

I’ve never seen a lesbian movie or TV show analyze how long to wait before sleeping with a new woman.

Lesbians of my generation take a lackadaisical approach to sex and dating that probably stems from growing up in the hookup culture combined with, “Fuck it, we’re gay — it’s not like anyone expects us to wait until marriage.” The upside of no rules is doing whatever you want. Both casual hookups and chastity have their relative merits. Two quick definition for you dreary, emotionally stable souls who never over-indulge in satan’s brew. She’s said, “I really like you.”Hearing a girl say “I really like you” melts my frozen heart.

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• I’ll show you how to bring out your girly girlness that men love and gives you your real power in the relationship you want. In fact, I’ve had clients go from feeling pretty bad about themselves to saying, I’m an amazing catch by the end of this session! • And so much more Who can benefit most • Women who are just starting on the dating path and want the shortcuts for finding Mr.

• Most women are dating without a clear vision of who they really want. I’m going to give you a tool that will help you quickly determine whether he’s the one for you. Right • Women who have been in a dating rut and need a dating jumpstart • Women who are struggling with dating and can’t seem to get a date with the guy they want • Women who want to have fun dating but don’t know how!

So many women are giving up on men and dating after 50 because they are frustrated with the current dating scene. I’d love to show you the possibilities for bringing a great man into your life.

What results Can they expect • You’ll discover how to speak the language men actually hear that helps you get what you need in a relationship.…it’s not the same one you and your girlfriends use….

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My practice focuses on dating & relationships - from who and how to date to communicating better to healing from an affair.